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Custom and shaped AirPods covers: the new trend

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The covers for tablets and smartphones are now needful for our devices. Today we can also need those for the AirPods! These bluetooth headsets are now replacing the old headphones with awkward wires that get tangled and tend to tear easily. By entering the top 10 of our technological tools for daily use, the need arose to have a protective cover for them too. Even the fashion brands offer the covers for the AirpPods to customers as a cool accessory and the addicted to fashion and the latest technological trends cannot do without. These cases are made with a shoulder strap or with a keychain carabiner so they can be comfortably carried around.

Proposing covers for AirPods as promotional items for an event, a fair, a promotion is not prohibitive at all, in reverse, it could become an innovative idea that competitors have not yet thought of.

The material we recommend using is silicone, which is well modeled on the various dimensions of the AirPod cases and with which you can make any shape, in addition to being very cheap.

In fact, you can have simple covers that follow the shape of the earphone box, perhaps with the pantone color of your brand, customizable, washable that prevent the case from getting dirty and scratched, always elegant and useful. But you can also study particular shapes with the shape of your products or your logo: be it a bottle of liqueur, a packet of chips, a bottle of medicinal syrup ... almost anything can be done!

Reproducing exactly the miniature mold of the object you want to promote will make your communication truly unique and you will combine the usefulness and originality of the covers for AirPods, still not too inflated, with the uniqueness of the shape that represents you. You will always be carried with you by your customers.

If you are studying a promotion that could include this kind of accessory, contact us for a quotation for free!


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