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Clutches, cosmetic bags and beauty cases are among the most requested personalized items by companies for their promotions. They are unisex, they can be made in various sizes, they can be used as a make-up holder, for sunscreens at the beach, to insert everything you need during a trip, so they are really useful and are never too many to keep available in our closet. In this period, the demands of companies are focused on clutches made of natural cotton or RPET (recycled plastic), for an eco- friendly choice. Not everyone knows, however that, wanting to remain in the context of sustainability, there are other materials that can be taken into consideration, and perhaps they are even less inflated. Here is a quick guide that could help you in your choice and open you up to new possibilities.

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Here we are again. We are still asked to isolate ourselves from our sociality. But now we feel prepared, we know how to work remotely, how to entertain with relatives and friends at distance, how to use technology at our service. And it's not just a personal feeling. One of the many researches that have been carried out on the subject reveals that 79% of Italians today cannot give up on technology in their daily life. Social networks (82%), chat with friends (75%) and surfing on web (68%), are the main activities carried out every day. This is what emerges from Samsung's Trend Radar, which recently conducted a study on two thousand people between the ages of 20 and 50.

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Do you know the scene from the film "Bruce Almighty" in which actor Jim Carrey is completely covered by post-its? Aside from the extreme expression of a film that makes us smile, the situation does not stray too far from reality: the desks in our offices are often dotted with colored memos that become part of the furniture, and we never stop adding new ones.

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During the lockdown even those who were not so skilled in mobile phone management, learned to make video calls to friends and family, to follow online recipes in order to test themselves in cooking, to watch movies directly from under the blanket, to follow fitness classes on YouTube. We have ascertained that the social distance is reduced if we stay connected, that also from home we can improve our knowledge and physical form.

Now that we are expert users of mobile technology and that we are accustomed to using the phone for multiple activities, we have decided to offer you an upgrade that facilitates us in those actions that have become part of our daily lives.

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The accessory that cannot be missing when we go out during this period? Unfortunately, at the top of the list of the most popular there is the face mask, which, even if customized and colored, is always uncomfortable and suffocating, while being needful to protect our health.


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