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Category: Original
Read Time: 1 min

The covers for tablets and smartphones are now needful for our devices. Today we can also need those for the AirPods! These bluetooth headsets are now replacing the old headphones with awkward wires that get tangled and tend to tear easily. By entering the top 10 of our technological tools for daily use, the need arose to have a protective cover for them too. Even the fashion brands offer the covers for the AirpPods to customers as a cool accessory and the addicted to fashion and the latest technological trends cannot do without. These cases are made with a shoulder strap or with a keychain carabiner so they can be comfortably carried around.

Category: The market
Read Time: 4 mins

It is always important to speak correctly to the target audience to obtain an interesting return in economic terms and affection to the brand. Generational marketing is an approach that teaches us to use the segmentation of the various generations to attract the public with different means of communication or types of promotions.

Three generations that brands are usually interested in intercepting are generation X (those born between 1965 and 1980), Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) and generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2010) . Understanding their interests and the values they believe in is a great starting point for choosing the right promotional product.

Category: Useful
Read Time: 4 mins

Clutches, cosmetic bags and beauty cases are among the most requested personalized items by companies for their promotions. They are unisex, they can be made in various sizes, they can be used as a make-up holder, for sunscreens at the beach, to insert everything you need during a trip, so they are really useful and are never too many to keep available in our closet. In this period, the demands of companies are focused on clutches made of natural cotton or RPET (recycled plastic), for an eco- friendly choice. Not everyone knows, however that, wanting to remain in the context of sustainability, there are other materials that can be taken into consideration, and perhaps they are even less inflated. Here is a quick guide that could help you in your choice and open you up to new possibilities.

Category: Curiosity
Read Time: 3 mins

In recent years, more and more sustainable methods have been sought for the production of paper objects, pushing public opinion to the conscious use of virgin paper, to separate collection for recycling, to the choice of recycled paper for disposable products as notebooks, sticky notes, notepads. The research did not stop there: among the latest news the plantable paper, which we have already talked about, and the grass paper.

Category: Do you know ...
Read Time: 3 mins

We know how much plastic pollutes but it is always very difficult to have the perception of how, day by day, it is hurting us and our planet.

The data tell us that in the next 10 years the waste that flows into waterways and then ends up in the oceans will reach 22 million tons, perhaps as much as 58 million tons per year. And this news already consider the ambitious commitments of governments, industries and associations aimed at reducing plastic pollution (source: National Geographic).


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