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It is always important to speak correctly to the target audience to obtain an interesting return in economic terms and affection to the brand. Generational marketing is an approach that teaches us to use the segmentation of the various generations to attract the public with different means of communication or types of promotions.

Three generations that brands are usually interested in intercepting are generation X (those born between 1965 and 1980), Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) and generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2010) . Understanding their interests and the values they believe in is a great starting point for choosing the right promotional product.

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The search for potentially aseptic materials to be used not only in the health sector, but also at home, has pushed research towards the development of treatments that confer antimicrobial properties to various materials, such as plastics, fabrics, paints, fibers. This trend has experienced a surge as a result of the Covid-19 emergency.

How the promotional items market is operating in this field?

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The euphoria of attending an event and bringing home an object that becomes a symbol of the emotion experienced thanks to that brand; the desire to exchange a gift with loved ones in relevant moments; the desire to print photos because digital pictures you know, are lost.

The value we give to tangible memories is still (luckily) very important, despite the fact that we are all absorbed by events and news that we read, comment, save on digital media.

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In a world where you can find everything and at all prices, the brands of the Fashion System, to gain ever more important market slices, cannot do nothing but propose news and quality.

But this is not enough.

The current trend is to offer really unique items for the clients, with the possibility of customization: in this way the brand you have chosen can make you feel a real privileged and, even if other people wear that item, don’t care, the one with your name printed is definitely and exclusively yours. Moreover, you often like to make it known on social networks or to friends because it makes you really proud, creating a dizzying word of mouth.

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The HiGift product selection contains a lot of items. Lots of new things to see; obviously to discover all of them takes a bit of patience and attention.
With this article we want to save some of your time and show you some of the trendiest products of the moment.

Stainless steel selfie stick Kroper

To start off well with our list we can not fail to name a gadget that is now completely depopulated all over the world, the stainless steel selfie stick with plastic grip and camera shutter button (3,5 mm Jack connection). With universal mobile holder.

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