It is always important to speak correctly to the target audience to obtain an interesting return in economic terms and affection to the brand. Generational marketing is an approach that teaches us to use the segmentation of the various generations to attract the public with different means of communication or types of promotions.

Three generations that brands are usually interested in intercepting are generation X (those born between 1965 and 1980), Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) and generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2010) . Understanding their interests and the values they believe in is a great starting point for choosing the right promotional product.

Generation X is the one who lived half of their life in the pre-digitization era, the other half in full digital development. They are therefore able to respond well to both traditional and digital marketing. For them the message transmitted is much more important than the method used to intercept them. It is a generation that is very loyal to the brand, is independent, highly educated and appreciates home and family life. The right promotional items for this generation are related to the home environment, those that are useful both at home and at work and objects of high perceived value that they will surely keep.

Millennials have grown up witnessing and experiencing unparalleled technological growth, which is why they are always attracted to the latest news; in fact, it is said that they buy emotions and not products. They are attentive to the form understood as physical and mental health and we can hold them responsible for the new trends in fitness and well-being such as yoga and meditation. They are experimenters but take great care before making a purchase, reading reviews online and asking friends. The perfect promotional items for millennials are those that amaze, that convey a strong brand message, that give the brand experience. The categories you like most are those that relate to the latest technology or gifts related to physical activity such as water bottles, yoga mats, microfiber towels for playing sports.

Generation Z has a world view influenced by technology, economics and historical events. They are in fact the first generation of digital natives: internet and social networks have always been part of their daily life. With information always at hand, they are constantly updated and have developed their own personal vision on social justice, political activism and environmental sustainability. Social media have developed their instinct to be creative to stand out from others and have a personal vision of fashion, they want to be unique by choosing customized products. The promotional items suitable for them are eco-sustainable objects, both produced with natural materials and derived from a conscious recycling of plastic. Original gifts, little seen around, or commonly used products but customized in a unique and original way, will surely make their way.

When thinking about a promotion, it is often difficult to choose the right item because of the wide range of objects that the market offers. However, if we focus on the characteristics of our brand, on the message of our specific communication and on the target to be reached, we will surely arrive at the right solution quickly. For specific advice on your needs, contact us for a free suggestion!

  • During this complex period, each of us for his own professional skills may have asked himself how things will go when the activities reopen, what will be the best trends, what our target audience will expect. Our readings and insights have focused on the promotional and communication by object, to give you interesting ideas for the imminent future.
  • A modern and technological credit card slots, a novelty among the promotional items. Perfect for purses and 24h, comfortable and roomy, yet compact (11x7x2 cm) to fit easily in your pocket.
  • The brand becomes interactive with the Push Button USB WebKey.It is a circular button to connect to any computer via USB cable, with plug & play recognition.

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